Congratulations to Gerontology Graduates and Award Winners!

Posted On April 28, 2017
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This year’s Annual Awards Ceremony and Student Recognition Luncheon wrapped up yet another year of superior academics, significant service, and student achievement. During this time, we are able to come together and enjoy the company of our friends and colleagues. Often times, it is one of the last events that students attend as a student… more »


Barbara Pittard Payne Lectureship in Gerontology – Bern Nadette Stanis

Posted On January 3, 2017
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Please join us for our annual Barbara Pittard Payne Lectureship in Gerontology on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

“Remembering the Good Times: A Caregiver’s Journey” Bern Nadette Stanis, best known as Thelma Evans from the hit television show, “Good Times,” and Alzheimer’s Association National Spokesperson.

Bern Nadette Stanis is not only a… more »

Candace Kemp

Intimate And Social Relationships Important For Older Adults In Assisted Living

Intimate and social relationships remain important for older adults residing in assisted-living facilities, according to a recent study.

In a study examining the intimate and social relationships of married and unmarried couples in assisted living, researchers found benefits of late-life couplehood included companionship, support and affection. However, there were some detrimental outcomes, such as feeling… more »

Elderly Chinese Immigrants Feel at Home in U.S.

Posted On November 3, 2016
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Researchers at Georgia State University, the International Association of Long Term Care Directors and Shaanxi Normal University found favorable social policies toward older adults, such as Medicare, Medicaid, low-income housing and social services, are important factors that make older immigrants feel a sense of home in a foreign land. The findings are published in the… more »

Laughter-based Exercise Program For Older Adults Has Health Benefits, Georgia State Researchers Find

Posted On September 15, 2016
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In this study, older adults residing in four assisted-living facilities participated in a moderate-intensity group exercise program called LaughActive that incorporates playful simulated laughter into a strength, balance and flexibility workout. In simulated laughter exercises, participants initially choose to laugh and go through the motions of laughing. The exercises facilitate eye contact and playful behaviors… more »

Assisted-Living Facilities Limit Older Adults’ Rights to Sexual Freedom, Georgia State Study Finds

Posted On August 30, 2016
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Older adults in assisted-living facilities experience limits to their rights to sexual freedom because of a lack of policies regarding the issue and the actions of staff and administrators at these facilities, according to research conducted by the Gerontology Institute at Georgia State University.

Though assisted-living facilities emphasize independence and autonomy, this study found staff… more »

Students Reflect on Gerontology Program Experiences

Posted On June 9, 2016
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The Gerontology Institute at Georgia State University is incredibly proud of its recent graduates and current students. Several students chose to reflect on their experiences as part of the Capstone Seminar coursework. A few of these videos were selected to give applicants, current students, and alumni a sense of what the Gerontology program meant to… more »