Be There 4 Seniors Rally a Success Despite Rain

The Gerontology Institute and Sigma Phi Omega hosted a breakfast and poster making session on February 9th at 9:30am in the Gerontology Institute Conference Room prior to the Be There 4 Seniors Rally. The rally started at 11am at the new Liberty Plaza at the Georgia State Capitol.

Georgia State is uniquely positioned within walking distance of the Georgia State Capitol. Every year during the legislative session, bills are proposed that either strengthen or weaken the programs and services available to older adults throughout the state. This is an excellent opportunity for students to be a voice for older adults and let our legislators know where we stand on key initiatives.

While having breakfast, we reviewed the proposed legislative acts of this legislative session that directly impact the lives of older adults, as prioritized by the Georgia Council on Aging. Both the breakfast and the sign making materials will be provided by Sigma Phi Omega.

Below are a few photos from our breakfast and the rally.

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