Students Reflect on Gerontology Program Experiences

Posted On June 9, 2016
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The Gerontology Institute at Georgia State University is incredibly proud of its recent graduates and current students. Several students chose to reflect on their experiences as part of the Capstone Seminar coursework. A few of these videos were selected to give applicants, current students, and alumni a sense of what the Gerontology program meant to them in terms of their own development as a student, a person, and a gerontologist.



Meagan Jain, MA (2015) – Meagan currently has her own non-profit – Ageless Interaction – she reflects on her GSU gerontology experience and her engagement as a leader in a student                       organization (Adopt a Grandparent).



Maureen Walsh, MA (2016) – Marueen, a GSU-62 student, just completed her MA in the administration concentration.