Graduate Programs

The Gerontology Institute has been a perfect fit… The department is small enough to personally connect with the faculty, yet it has all the benefits of being located within a large university… It is exciting to be a Master’s student where there are so many opportunities, both within the program and in the field after I graduate.
– Erin Fisher


The Gerontology Institute offers a Master of Arts and a Certificate in Gerontology for students who wish to prepare for careers in the field of aging.

Master of Arts in Gerontology 

Students pursuing the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Gerontology degree may choose either the program administration or research concentration. The administration concentration prepares students to work in aging services or other professions addressing the needs of older adults. The research concentration prepares students to enter doctoral programs in gerontology, sociology, psychology, policy studies, family studies, or related fields and for beginning careers with organizations engaged in aging research.

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology 

The Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is designed to integrate knowledge of gerontology into students’ own disciplinary fields. It is offered for students preparing for a variety of careers in the aging field and for professionals already working in such areas as health care, social services, recreation, government, and business.