Master of Arts in Gerontology

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Gerontology program at Georgia State University is designed for students preparing for leadership positions in the field of aging and those interested in becoming gerontological researchers. Students who study gerontology come from a wide variety of backgrounds including (but not limited to) education, social work, nursing, exercise science, sociology, religious studies, and psychology. The M.A. program has an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides an in-depth exposure to the issues, knowledge, and research about aging processes, older people, and the needs of an aging population. The program is designed for both full-time and part-time students. Full time students can complete this 36 semester hour program in two years.


Research Concentration

The Research Concentration prepares students for a doctoral program in gerontology, sociology, psychology, policy studies, family studies or to study aging in a research organization. Students selecting this concentration will be required to complete a master’s thesis. For more information about thesis requirements, please download the Graduate Handbook . For a list of previous student thesis projects, please click here.

Program Administration Concentration

The Program Administration Concentration prepares students to work in aging services and administration with a focus on program design and management. Master of Arts students in the Program Administration Concentration must complete an approved internship for at least 3 credit hours. Internships are an elective for Master of Arts students in the Research concentration. The internship class is offered in the Spring and Summer semesters each academic year and requires an application. Undergraduate students register for Gerontology 4910 and graduate students register for Gerontology 8910. Internship details are found here.

Application Process

Graduate Admissions