M.A. Theses Catalog

Name Thesis Title Date
Erin Fisher GeorgiaCares Community Outreach Events: An Evaluation 2012
Danelle S. Hubbard Alzheimer’s Disease and Intimacy: A Content Analysis of Resources Avaliable through 
the Alzheimer’s Association and the National Institute on Aging
Renu Kumar Marriage and Memory in Older Adults 2012
Yarkasah P. Paye “Men Don’t Talk”: Examining the Dynamics of Men’s Co-resident Relationships in
Assisted Living
Navtej K. Sandhu Exploring the Influence of Functional Status on Older Adults’ Social Relationships in
Assisted Living Communities,
Antonius D. Skipper Examining the validity and reliability of the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence
Scale-6 (ABC-6) in a diverse group of older adults
Yin Wu Mind-body exercise and cognitive function: potential approaches to manage
cognitive impairment- a meta-analysis
Abhinandan Batra Comparative Study of the Effects of Tai Chi and Strength Training on Osteoarthritis
in Older Adults
Zhiyu Chen Knowledge and Perceptions: Chinese Older Adults’ Willingness to Use Institutional
Elder Care
Amber S. Meadows Men Feel it too: An Examination of Body Image and Disordered Eating among Older Males 2011
Jessica L. Pruitt The Relationship between Stress, Cortisol Reactivity and Memory Performance in
Younger and Older Adults
Vicki Stanley Decision-Making Processes of Primary Informal Caregivers Regarding Care Recipients’
Moves to Memory Care
Qi Wang Intergenerational Solidarity and Its Effects on Life Satisfaction Among Chinese Elders 2011
Nia MaLika Reed The Relationship between Subjective Memory and Objective Cognition, Depression,
and Anxiety by Dementia Status
Karuna Sharma “I Miss My Country, but My World is with My Children”: Examining the Family and
Social Lives of Older Indian Immigrants in the United States
Amanda Kathryn Trujillo Age Differences in Word Recall Predictions 2010
Tracy Cermak Developmentally Disabled Older Adults in Georgia: Rural, Metropolitan, and
Urban Long Term Housing Availability
Ailie Glover Administrators in Assisted Living: Who They Are and What They Do 2009
Zhen Guo Lonliness of Older Adults in Rural China 2009
Shanzhen Luo Medication Management and Regulation in Assisted Living Facilities in the
State of Georgia,
Amanda M. White Death and Dying in Assisted Living 2009
Tiffany Lenell Young Age Differences in Substance Use and Social Support among Recently Incarcerated
Adult Females
Jennifer L. Griffith Linking Social Support and Sexual Interest among Older Adults in Intimate
Romantic Relationships
Porsha Hall The Exercise Attitudes, Perceptions, and Perceived Outcomes of Older Minority
Women Participating in a Fall Prevention Program
Dianne Maureen  O’Donnell Client and Caregiver Perceptions of Adult Day Services: A Program Evaluation 2008
Robert Douglas Young African American Longevity Advantage: Myth or Reality? A Racial Comparison
of Supercentenarian Data
Karen Andrea Armstrong The Relationship of Health Literacy and Locus of Control to Medication Compliance
in Older African Americans.
 Zhiqing Li Factors Contributing to Job Retention of Direct Care Staff in Urban
Assisted Living Facilities,
Huali Qin Adding Life to Years: Predicting Subjective Quality of Life among
Chinese Oldest-Old
April Dawn Ross Caring for Residents with Dementia in Assisted Living Facilities:
The Experiences of the Care Staff,
Ying Tang Job Satisfaction among Case Managers for Community-dwelling Older Adults 2007
Neela M. Lakatoo Older Adults’ Satisfaction with Physical Therapists’ Communication and
Physical Therapy Treatment
Davette A. Taylor – Harris Senior Multipurpose Facilities and Quality of Life among African American
Older Adults: A Case Study