Undergraduate Programs

Being part of the Gerontology Institute has been a wonderful experience…. My internship with Senior Services at Grady Memorial Hospital helped me realize that I want a career where I can directly communicate and help older adults. And during my time with the Gerontology Institute, I gained a network of people who are supportive, knowledgeable and truly enjoy what they do. – Elizabeth Avent


The Gerontology Institute offers several programs for undergraduate student interested in the field of Gerontology.  For more information about the programs, please contact Dr. Chivon Mingo, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

  • Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) with a Concentration in Gerontology focusing on Behavioral and Social Sciences or Health and Health Services.

The BIS in Gerontology will provide undergraduate students an opportunity to gain knowledge of aging across the life course through a diverse perspective. Gerontology-related courses are designed to draw on a variety of disciplines to expose students to the issues, knowledge, and research about aging processes, older people, and the complex needs of our rapidly aging society. The overarching objective is to offer a major that will provide students with a gerontological knowledge base and skills that will prepare them for career opportunities in the field of aging (e.g., entry-level professional jobs in direct services to older persons in nutrition programs, senior centers, volunteer programs, nursing homes, and residential and assisted living facilities) and/or admission to graduate and professional degree programs (e.g., such as gerontology, medicine, nursing, psychology, public administration, sociology, and social work) in which they plan to pursue a specialization in gerontology. Students interested in pursuing the BIS in Gerontology major can select either the Behavioral and Social Sciences or Health and Health Services Allied Field.

B.I.S. in Gerontology

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology (18  Semester Hours)

The Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology gives students throughout the university the option of combining their existing major of study with an emphasis in gerontology. This certificate is designed to support students who have an interest in adding an aging focus to their declared major.

Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology

  • Dual Degree Program – BA in Sociology/MA in Gerontology

Dual undergraduate/graduate programs enable admitted undergraduate students to begin taking specified graduate courses during their senior year (or earlier in some cases) and count the coursework toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree. Students in dual programs are enrolled in each degree program either concurrently or in close succession. Dual degrees may, therefore, be awarded at the same time, or one degree may be awarded prior to the second.

Dual Degree Program in College of Arts and Sciences

Dual Degree Program Application Process